The Man on the Throne

We gather here remembering,
Lord, You are all in all.
Our hearts cry out in love toward You.
We bow the knee withal.
Nothing on earth compares to You,
In all creation too.
You are the meaning of our life,
Of all we are and do.
You captivated us and now
We follow in Your train.
We are Your people, You’re our God.
In us do rule and reign.
You are the man upon the throne
Set there by God alone.
God planned and willed that You be Head,
The Lord of all made known.
Those God foreknew, He set apart
To be conformed to You,
That You would be His firstborn Son
And we Your brothers true.
You conquered death and rose with might
Ascending to the height.
You carry out God’s will on earth,
Enthroned in glory bright.
Lord, as the God-exalted man,
The ruler of all kings,
Your government fulfills God’s plan,
And utmost headship brings.
You, as God’s heir, uphold all things.
Our heart in worship sings.
You make God’s substance known by all
As from Your throne life springs.
Our pioneer and forerunner,
You clearly cut the way
Unto God’s throne and reign by life.
To this, “Amen,” we say.
You take the lead, we follow You.
No other way will do,
For God intends to glorify
And seat us there with You.
Under the ruling of Your life,
We too will reign as kings,
Saved by Your grace abundantly,
Upheld on eagle’s wings.
God’s gift of righteousness received
By us who have believed,
We’ll testify eternally
Your rule is all we need.
Mary Korah

Pune, Maharashtra

So blessed to learn this worship song.. So moved by the lyrics