Thou, Triune God, eternally

Thou, Triune God, eternally
Distinctly three, insep’rably one;
A realm divine and mystical,
Art formed as an incorporation.
By Thine indwelling mutually 
Thou doth exist essentially;
Thy will to bring humanity
Into this sphere economically.
Through incarnation in the Son
This realm was first seen in the flesh;
Within Christ’s body physical
The Godhead’s fullness manifest.
His human life did manifest
Coordination beauteous:
One acted, Three did operate
In harmony so marvelous.
Through death and resurrection was
This life divine in full released
To form Thy Body mystical,
This realm divine to thus increase.
This habitation’s Thine abode,
Thy Body mystical, divine,
Enlargement of our Father’s house,
The Spirit’s child, Son’s spreading vine.
Thy final form the Spirit is,
The realization of the Son;
With Thee we’re blent, divine-human
Incorporation to become.
Thy Spirit into ours has come,
One mingled spirit formed, become
The Body, Father, Spirit, Son—
An entity that’s Four yet One.
By Thine own glory, life, and word
Here we are all thus one in Thee;
Such oneness doth reflect Thine own,
The oneness seen among the Three.
God’s love, Christ’s grace, the fellowship
Of Holy Spirit, reaching man
As living water, issue from             
The throne of God and of the Lamb.
This fellowship of life divine
Our Father and His Son have shared;
We’re called into this fellowship,
Which the apostles have declared.
The Spirit with our spirit is
The factor for us to be one,
The key to live the Christian life,
And secret of our salvation.
The ministry of Christ in full
Within this realm is carried out,
And God’s complete salvation too
Within this sphere is brought about.
In all their living and their work
This mingled life th’ apostles sought,
The Triune God to manifest
In character and service wrought.
In all our living and our work
So we must also do the same,
In daily life, we would make this
Our top priority and aim.
As therefore we have thus received,
So in all things we walk in Thee;
Thine all-inclusiveness to grasp,
We call and pray unceasingly.
We live in Thee and Thou with us
In two-way traffic mutually:
In Thee we live, exist, and move,
Abide uninterruptedly.
Thy name which Thou hast given us
Denotes Thy Person as our sphere,
Sum total of Thy Being, Lord,
Into which we’ve been gathered here.
Thou art in us Thy kingdom too;
With joy and peace and righteousness.
Eternal life’s totality,
The church life, sphere in which we’re blessed.
The New Jerusalem will be
This realm’s domain perpetually;
Thou in the Father, we in Thee,
And Thou in us eternally.
O, may we see, experience
The realm of Thine economy
In all the details of our life
To practice living one with Thee.