The Goal of the Gospel

  The goal of the gospel is that,
Loving the Lord Jesus
With the first love,
We would pour out upon Him,
Pour out upon Him
What is most precious to us,
Even our most costly and valuable
Spiritual treasure,
“Wasting” ourselves upon Him.
Even our most costly and valuable
Spiritual treasure,
“Wasting” ourselves upon Him.
Ian Diller

Arlington, TX, United States

We would pour out upon Him what is most precious to us!!

Dania Bañuelos

Brownsville, Texas, United States

I want to worship the Lord out loud with the Christians at utrgv.


Dallas, TX, United States

Lord Jesus, that we would love You with the first love! Lord we would waste ourselves upon You!

Maria L

Fremont, CA, United States

Lord, don't let my day go by without cofessing my love for you. Recover my first love for You. Have the first place in my life! In all the small things and the big things, have the preeminence! It is not a waste to pour out myself upon you but a fragrant testimony of your sweetness and preciousness. May the Lord open our eyes to see His worth! Lord Jesus I LOVE YOU!

Jinsu Jang

춘천시, 강원도, South Korea

when I heard this song, I remind my past and why gospel come to me. The God, load Jesus stand by me to take care of me and trouble and make me overcome trouble and give a brother and sisters to adjust me. this make me give first love to Lord Jesus. this is reason why gospel come to me.

Nelson Liu

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Love the Lord Jesus, pour out upon Him!

Glory Jung

Cypress, CA, United States

Loving the Lord Jesus!

Neddy T

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I Love You Lord and Love you all saints, all the crazy lovers of Christ. This hymn had been one of my most loved hymn and it brings me to my knees every time I sing it. Jesus is all worthy for us to pour out ourselves upon Him for Him alone is worthy.

Thomas Tilley

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Oh Lord Jesus! We want to be such ones that pour out on You without measure! Without thought to the cost to us! We just wholly consecrate everything to You Lord!

Phileo Adelphos

Jakara Barat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Amen, Praise the Lord!

We Would Pour Out Upon Him!


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