He knows, He knows

Fear not, He knows;
My soul why fret and tremble?
Fear not, He knows;
Your life is in His hands.
Fear not, He knows;
And you know He is able
To care for You,
So trust the best is planned!
  Oh Lord, You know;
’Tis a thought so joyous!
Though I don’t know,
What need have I to fear?
You know, You know;
Thank and praise You, Jesus!
Through all unknowns,
You make Yourself so dear!
Just trust, He knows
Life’s still unwritten letter.
Just trust, He knows
Plans time would now disguise.
Just trust, He knows,
He sees which turn is better;
At the right time
He’ll open up your eyes!
Just rest, He knows;
With Him blindness is pleasant!
Just rest, He knows;
Sightless, you see Him best!
Just rest, He knows;
My soul, don’t waste the present
On those “what-if’s“.
Just turn to Him and rest!
Just seek, He knows;
Seek first His heart’s great yearning.
Just seek, He knows;
Serve Him, in Him abide.
Just seek, He knows;
Have peace and rest while turning.
Put His cares first;
All else He will provide.
Grace Lee

Hong Kong

In the afternoon, about two o'clock something, I fight with my sister who age smaller than me (just one year), but her body and power are much powerful than me. I found that I was unable to fight against her, and finally lost. I noticed that I might not see Lord's face since I have quarreled between Lord and myself. In this case, I was unable to turn to Lord and confess my sins, but in my spirit's deepest part there is a voice sounded "Fear not, I knows; your life is in my Hands." This is a thought so joyous that what I have to fear? Amen. Hallelujah!

Mandy Ang

Calgary, AB, Canada

This song is absolutely amazing. Whenever we're in a hard situation, it seems like God's nowhere to be found. He knows our every situation! There's no need for us to worry about anything because God knows and He cares about what happens to us. All we need to do is seek Christ in every situation, so that we can experience Him! Don't worry about your problems - Christ will take care of it - as long as you seek Christ!

Zoe Cabahug

Greensboro, NC, U.S.A.

This song has a really good tune. I like listening to it.