The flowing of the divine life

The flowing of life divine,
In spirit so sweetly flows—
The overflowing life divine,
Nourishing my spirit so—
Bringing the Triune God’s fullness,
In spirit operates and moves,
Bringing me all of His supply—
Life as my supply.
Oh, this precious life divine
Is the Triune God Himself!
All He is and all He has
Are all concealed in this life.
God’s life into my spirit comes,
Mingling with me in life as one—
Wisdom, pow’r, holy righteousness
Are my experience.
The outflow of life divine—
Manifested in His Son;
In Him is the life divine,
Saviour He’s of everyone.
Life of all lives—unique is He,
And He released His life to me
That this life I ever may gain—
Yes, His life divine!
The release of life divine
The life-giving Spirit is;
The working of life divine
In my spirit operates;
He is the wonderful ointment
In my spirit, anointing me
With His compounded elements—
Pervading through me.
Oh, this life I treasure so—
Life divine so wonderful!
In me this life’s working—so
Divine, rich and bountiful!
Salvation great and excellent,
And it’s all mine to experience;
Truly, this life is all to me—
All my life is He.

Original song is in Chinese.