Draw me, dear Lord

  Draw me, dear Lord.
Draw me today.
From everything else, dear Lord,
Draw me away.
O Lord, this whole world
Seems to weigh me down.
All the cares, the strife, the sin,
Within me and all around.
But, Lord, I want to set my heart,
And, Lord, I want to stay with You.
’Cause only when You’re near to me
Is everything okay.
And though everything may fall apart
Or everything go my way,
It doesn’t really matter, Lord,
As long as I gain You today.

Kharkov, Ukraine

Jesus, please draw me nearer.


London, Ontario, Canada

Wow we really have to ask the Lord to draw us to Him. If we are not prudent the world can suck us up. Oh Lord Jesus!!!!!:)


Gold Coast, Australia

Lord, just gain me today!


Gensan, Lumasal, Maasim, Sarangani, Philippines

I like this song very much. I remember when we serve in the Lord in Maitum preaching the gospel.


Leeds, United Kingdom

This song so touched me yesterday when I was attending the Lord's blending meeting. This world is weighing us down, sins within us, but when and only when the Lord is near us that everything will be ok.


United States

There were so many things that I just couldn't let go, but Hallelujah! The Lord made them all fall apart!

Wendy Risso :D

Rockville, Maryland, United States

My favorite hymn: so touching.

Rita Amanya

Kampala, Uganda

Yes Lord, and though everything may fall apart, and though everything go my way, it does not really matter Lord, as long as I gain You today.


Teighnmouth, Devon, United Kingdom

I yearn to be closer to You dear Lord for I love and need You so much and desire to do Your will. May Your wisdom guide me and Your love shine through me. Thank You for loving me. Draw me closer, Amen.

Jeannette Pantza

Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

Draw me more and more each day dear Lord!