Lord, keep my heart open and soft toward You

  Lord, keep my heart open and soft toward You.
Lord, draw my eyes to see nothing else but You.
  Whatever may happen,
I know You want to gain my heart.
Though I may not understand,
Just keep dispensing into my every part.
  Make me a believer
By looking at You.
Standing on Your Word,
Faithful and true.
(Parts 1 & 2 may be sung together, then join last verse in unison.)

San Juan, M.M., Philippines

Lord, build Your home in all my heart.



"Though I may not understand, just keep dispensing into my every part." These lines are one of my favourites because during those difficult times in life when you have no clue why the Lord arranged a situation for you, singing this over and over again keeps you open to God's dispensing!


Piscataway, NJ, United States

Come quickly Lord. Every moment, keep our hearts open and soft toward You. Keep our eyes fixed solely on You as we sojourn on this Earth. Grant us to be those who hasten Your coming. Come quickly Lord!

Maricar Butad

Paranaque, Iloilo, Philippines

Amen, brothers and sisters. May this song guide us and keep us that we would be open and soft in our heart to do and be useful in His economy. From yp in Paranaque.


Quezon, Bacoor Cavite, Philippines

"Lord, keep my heart" is my favorite song.

Joyce Yu

Christchurch, New Zealand

Oh Lord, keep us open and soft towards You! Even in this age, oh Lord just keep us in You! Lord, You are the only One!


QC, Philippines

In our daily life, there are a lot of things which the Lord has sovereignly prepared for us. Though we may not understand, we just need to remember that God's heart toward us is always good. We don't have to worry or be anxious. We just need to keep ourselves open every avenue of our being, allow Him to gain our heart, give Him the way to keep dispensing to our every part. Just believe in Him, He's the Faithful and True one. "Faithful is He who called you, and who also will do it."

angela finnie

Spokane, Wa, United States

Amen! No matter what happens, the Lord just wants to gain our hearts! Lord, meet us in our circumstances and in our daily life that You would gain our hearts fully!! Don't let us go! Keep reminding us though we may not understand and we may get discouraged, You are there waiting. Amen!

Regan Ryan

Hamilton, New Zealand

This song is so sweet, it fills my heart with love and appreciation of what the Lord has done for me. At my high school I talk to students who have grown up without Christ and they all have such sad stories to tell. The Lord has really kept me and just by looking at Him I can enjoy His grace, I think that is so amazing. Thank You Lord!!! Gracias Seor, te amo ti!!!

Ellisa Ting

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I first heard and learned this when I was in the valley. The words touched me so much, it became my prayer to the Lord; especially "made me a believer". How we need the Lord to come once again, appear to us, be our believing.