Victory through Christ’s resurrection

  Victory through Christ’s resurrection
The victory is won!
Praise Him for what He has done
The victory is won!
The victory over death,
Over Satan and the world
He defeated them triumphantly
For all to see,
Oh, what a victory!
Designated as the Son
Bringing man into God
He uplifted humanity
Displayed His glory
Oh, what a victory!
He became the Spirit too
So that He could dwell in us
He’s dispensing into you and me
Now He’s life-giving
Oh, what a victory!
He regenerated us
Now we’re brothers of the Lord
We’re the members of His family
We’re in the Body
Oh, what a victory!
Now we partake of Him
In His victory we share
He’s available to us daily
In God’s economy
We’re enjoying...
Bill Mancia

Visalia, CA, United States

When I got save in 1992, this hymn became so enjoyable to me with grace and reality. It remind me over and over of the battle that took place on the cross at that very moment. It also remind me that I have enter into this battle too. We have a Captain in front of us, that cannot, nor will be defeated. Even though this enemy is fighting fearlessly, we won't be defeated, Praise The Lord Jesus our Captain.