New Jerusalem: the Highest Point of the Apostles’ Living and Work

The New Jerusalem—ultimate sign;
The ultimate goal of God’s economy;
Incorporation, ’tis human-divine;
Deified, we with God one building will be.
In constitution, not corporeal;
But fully organic, entirely of life.
Her one reality’s spiritual;
In our living and work, at this we’ll arrive.
All aspects of New Jerusalem
Were by the apostles perceived and conveyed.
Their teaching was the whole New Testament;
All their living and work this vision displayed.
Her base, her gates, her foundations, her wall,
Her temple, her throne, her supply and her light—
All shown by signs in the last book of all;
Their significance rich we cannot deny.
One life, one work, this our one goal today:
For that highest point where we’ll all be the same;
Flesh, nat’ral being no more have a place;
Going up step by step, God’s goal to attain.
Richard Arnold

Austin, TX, United States


We should do only one work,

Which is to make God’s chosen people

Regenerated ones, sanctified ones, renewed ones

- the new man -

Transformed ones, conformed ones,

- those conformed to the image of

the firstborn Son of God -

And glorified ones.

All those who will be in the New Jerusalem

Are this kind of people.

Specifically, God proceeds step by step,

To make a chosen one of God,

A person who is regenerated, sanctified,

Renewed, transformed, conformed to

The image of the firstborn Son of God,

And even glorified by God.

In this way, we go up level by level

Until we reach the highest point,

Where we become the same.

There is no more flesh,

No more natural being.

All are in the spirit.

All are the kingdom of the heavens.

All are beings of the New Jerusalem.

This is the highest point.

(The Ministry, vol. 1, no. 1, October 1997, p. 49)

Tom Smith

Lake Forest, CA, United States

I really appreciate how this song focuses us on the unique goal of our Christian life and work--the New Jerusalem. We're not waiting to go to a physical place--heaven. We're day by day becoming what we will be for eternity--the corporate mingling of divinity with humanity. We simply need to cooperate with the Lord, day by day--to live out and work out the New Jerusalem. We live in the reality of this holy city to become it. We work out such a consummation, dispensing the divine reality to others to build up the New Jerusalem. Thank the Lord for such a song.