If we would love the Lord

If we would love the Lord
And care for His unique Body,
The Lord will pour Himself out
And move within us as
The sevenfold intensified Spirit
To blend us together
For the consummation
Of the New Jerusalem.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Lord we love You!

Lord we are endeavouring to care for Your unique body!

Now we need Yo to pour Yourself out as the sevenfold intensified Spirit!

We need You to blend us together!

We need You to consummate the New Jerusalem for Your sake and we need You to come back quickly


Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

Hallelujah! To blend us Together, for the consummation of the New Jerusalem!!!!


Kampala, Uganda

My 2018 theme is 'To love the Lord and care for His unique Body!'

Lord Jesus, I give myself to love You more this coming year. To care for Your unique Body. Do it in me Lord!

I love You Lord!



Lord, Thank YOU for YOUR 7 eyes looking at us, YOUR church! Look! Behold! in YOUR mercy love drawings & doings, we just love YOU & do care for YOUR unique Body... Beloved Lord, YOU are reigning on earth! Blend us together! Let us consummate this age 2016! we love & want YOU.

Joe Chang

Long Beach, CA, United States

These lyrics are actually taken from The Holy Word for Morning Revival: The New Jerusalem -The Highest Point of the Apostles' Living and Work, Week 1, Day 5. In 1997 Howard Higashi, and several brothers from our locality were having morning revival together enjoying the day's portion. During that time I remarked to Howard that this sentence surely was a frameable quote. I said "Howard, it would be wonderful if you could put a tune to this". Thank the Lord that He gave Howard the tune that has helped to remind so many of us to love the Lord and care for His unique Body. The Lord indeed continues to pour Himself out and move within us as the sevenfold intensified Spirit to blend us together for the consummation of the New Jerusalem.

Eunice Garcia

Queens, NY, United States

I love this song. From time to time it comes into my heart. It reminds me not to be so self-centered. The Lord is not after a few spiritual giants, He's after a body - the reality of the Body life practiced among all the local churches. There needs to be this kind of testimony of the Lord before He can close this age!!! Two of the greatest prophysies the Lord Jesus spoke of in the New Testament are 1) that He will build His church and 2) that He comes quickly. Before He comes, the church needs to built up and this will ultimately bring Him back. O Lord Jesus, do gain what You are after to close this age and bring in the New Jerusalem! We love You Lord! We want to care for Your unique Body so that You can pour Yourself out and move within as the sevenfold intensified Spirit to blend us together for the consummation of the New Jerusalem!!! AMEN.

Lovely Granada

General Santos City

I love this song for it causes me to realize Christ's unique body. This hymn also reveals the Lord's outpouring of Himself into us. This is so marvelous even to know that He is moving within us! That each member individually will all be blended together by the sevenfold intensified Spirit. This thus consummates the New Jerusalem. What a daily reminder is this to me to always enjoy Christ, moment by moment even a single drop of seconds in my living. Our enjoyment of Him today shall soon consummate the New Jerusalem. This is so sweet. Praise the Lord. I have to enjoy Christ! Having a sweet fellowship with Him while I'm still on my youthful days. Hallelujah for this sweet, encouraging and reminding divine revelation. Amen.