Jesus, dear Jesus, You’re so glorious

Jesus, dear Jesus,
You’re so glorious!
You’re such a mystery.
I’ve been captured by Thee.
You’re the greatest attraction,
All-extensive, all-inclusive Person.
You’re the Infinite, beyond measure,
Yet my portion, my priceless treasure.
Jesus, dear Lord,
You’re beyond man’s word.
You’re a God-man.
You’re divine and human.
You’re immortal with eternal might,
Yet became a mortal finite.
You’re almighty, eternally the same,
Yet a man in time became.
Jesus, dear Lord,
You partook blood and flesh.
You’re the Eternal Word,
God in a man manifest.
Lord, You died for humanity
To redeem man for eternity.
Lord, You died on a tree for me.
Lord, You loved me eternally.
Jesus, dear Christ,
Death can’t hold You in the grave.
Now You’re the Spirit.
You can enter man to save.
Satan plotted and killed You dead,
That destroyed him the devil instead.
Lord, You rose from the dead to be
The life-giving Spirit in me.

San Diego, CA, United States

I really enjoy this hymn because each time I sing it I'm brought into the divine and mystical real to realize Jesus is the Lord of Lords and the King of kings.

Simon Tay

Penang, Malaysia

I was introduced to this lovely hymn by Howard Higashi via the jukebox this morning. The first stanza is the finest, most inspired and very singable. The tune is a delight. It brought me back to our dearest Lord. I didn't want the moment to go away.