My heart was far from You

My heart was far from You.
My worship was not true.
My lips were honoring Thee
But I was so empty.
  Lord, help me! Have mercy!
Lord, now deliver me!
All else is vanity.
You are reality!
Traditions are a lie.
Mere practice can’t satisfy.
No matter how hard you try
Inside you feel so dry.
  Lord water me! I’m so thirsty!
I come to drink of Thee.
You are the Spirit of life
To free me from all strive.
The doctrines and the creeds
Have never met my needs.
The letters have killed me dead
My need is Living Bread.
  Lord, feed me! I’m so hungry!
I come to eat of Thee.
Your Person now I can take.
The Living Word partake.
I need You desperately
To get You into me!
I drink You as the Spirit, Lord,
And eat You in the Word.
  I’m satisfied! And You’re testified!
There is no lack in Thee.
You are the river and the tree,
My feast eternally.
Ezekiel Koo

Ansong, Ggyonggi Province, South Korea

There is no lack in Thee. Amen!

You are the river and the tree, amen hallelujah ~ ~

My feast eternally. Hallelujah!!!