Lord, we want to live You

  Lord, we want to live You
In the most intimate
And the closest contact,
Closest contact with You.
Acting according
To the index of Your eyes;
A person one with Christ,
Full of Christ.
  And one who is saturated
    with Christ
One who is so broken
And even terminated
In his natural life,
Softened and flexible
    in his will,
Affectionate, yet restricted
    in emotions,
Sober and considerate
    in his mind,
And pure, genuine
    in his spirit.
  This is for the benefit
Of all the believers
That they may experience
And enjoy Christ
For the fulfillment of God’s purpose
In the building up of Christ’s Body,
In the building up of Your Body.
Samuel Tadesse

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Amen Jesus Is Lord


Lord, cause us to take You as our Person, living according to the index of Your eyes. Lord, we love you.