Since long ago at Bethany we parted

Nancy Goss

Falls Church, VA, United States

I love even though I don't get to it much. It is amazing what can be done with technology these days.... Wasn't the Atlanta conference wonderful!!!

This hymn is so beautiful. Lord we too long for Your return and to be ready to meet You!

Charles Hennessy

Tucson, AZ, United States

A brother in a conference in the summer of 1972 expressed the desire to meet the Lord at the "foot of the Mount of Olives." When we include this song in a conference held in the city of Jerusalem and we all sing it, all 144,000 participants, maybe He will return! "What a meeting, what a meeting./What a meeting any moment we will share." (H1313 Chorus)

Michael Cofino

Miami, Florida, United States

This hymn is so precious! It makes the Lord Jesus so much more real to me. Also I'm so encouraged to see all the comments from all over the world, but yet there is one, unique longing for the Lord. This makes me praise the Lord for the Body of Christ.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

This song brings me back to the right perspective for this life. I am a stranger and sojourner longing for My Lord to return. Even though I have the Lord's presence now, this energizes me to long for the full taste of His glorious return. This song inspires me to pray for the Lord to return and for the Lord to accomplish what needs to be done so He can return.


United States

By the rivers of Babylon,

there we sat down,

yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

We hanged our harps upon the willows

in the midst thereof.

Psalm 137


Singapore, Singapore

I cried the first time I heard this song...

Sad because the people who have passed longed so much for Him to come back but we of this generation who are even nearer to His coming do we even long as much?

Samuel Xue


Lord Jesus, I want You. COME!!!

How long, how long?

Come, dear Lord Jesus Christ!

Joselito Cua

Zamboanga City, Philippines

How glorious and how majestic to know that Christ our Lord is coming back to restore the earth and establish His eternal Kingdom. This is our hope! We shall wait till He appears in glory. Amen! The cry of the ages: "COME LORD JESUS"!


Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Lord Jesus, come quickly! This is my first response, but I sincerely yearn to be ready for Your arrival! Dear Lord make this my reality.


Suzhou, JiangSu, China

I like it very much! If anybody doesn't want to see Jesus, I think you don't love Him. If you can send this song to my email, it would be very nice.