O Lord, to conflict new

O Lord, to conflict new
You daily call your servant;
With joy and spirits fervent
We rise to follow You.
  Lead us to battle too,
  We are Your soldiers true.
  Our hands empow’r,
Our hearts enflame!
We’ll overcome in Jesus’ name,
We’ll overcome in Jesus’ name!
  Our hands empow’r, our hearts enflame!
Fully equip us, Lord,
With faith and perseverance,
With wisdom and adherence,
With zeal and love outpoured;
  Set us on fire, O Lord,
  To win the great reward.
We lift up firm and high
The Cross, our banner glorious.
The enemy notorious
By Blood we dare defy.
  To self the Cross apply,
  On Christ alone rely.
Wrestle, suffer and pray!
The end shall be victorious.
The promised crown all-glorious
We shall receive one day.
  Wrestle, suffer and pray!
  We’ll reign with Christ for aye.
Jack Petrash

Irving, TX, United States

Lord! With zeal and love outpoured, and with joy and spirits fervent may we be set on fire to wrestle, suffer, and pray by the blood and through the cross to overcome the enemy through Jesus' name!

Sirbi Adriana-Nicoleta

Resita, Caraş-Severin

Is full of Jesus Christ. I will like to hear singing for some saints that really know this hymn so tha I can learn to sing it.

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