As members of the Body

Br.Jeff Hall

Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

We overcome by our dependency on the Head. This brings us into function.......... Praise Him!


Louisiana, United States

Lord, don’t let us be spectators. We are members of You learning how to function, expressing Your fullness, perfecting one another. Build us up together in love.


Hamilton, New Zealand

"Built up in love together, Not one would criticize." Lord build us in love! Save us from our natural criticizing life!


Overland Park, Kansas, United States

The lyrics is very down to earth and practical. But anyone knows the composer? It should be given always if possible, including translators of songs, for two simple reasons: One, to give the credit where credit is due. Two: to place the responsibility likewise.

Karen Abbotts

United States

With our focus on Christ and remembering His death, burial and resurrection we are blessed beyond measure. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for saving me and bringing me to this website, it is work by His Holy Spirit! Amen.

sis.divine grace romaguera

Butuan City, Agusan, Philippines

This song reminds me that wherever I am and wherever I may be, I am always a part of the UNIQUE, UNIVERSAL BODY OF CHRIST.

Jane Otse

Lagos, Nigeria

Praise the Lord.One BODY Universal, One in each place expressed.

This is an awesome Hymn. I am so touched, the Body of Christ is ONE