There remains not much more time

There remains not much more time,
  Soon we leave this earthly clime.
Rapture comes, not lingering;
  Soon we’ll see the heav’nly King.
Diligent we’ll ever be,
  Till our Savior we can see.
Diligent to serve Him here,
  Work and labor without fear;
By the Cross, our self outpoured,
  Willingly to serve the Lord.
Keep on “trading,” He is near;
  Our reward will soon appear.
Face the evils forcefully,
  Fight the evils ardently.
Face the troubles, fight on through,
  Nor withdraw till peace accrue.
Watching, praying day and night,
  Standing firmly in the fight.
Time is like an arrow bold,
  Soon we hope to be consoled.
Spirit, soul, and body must
  Not throw off His ruling trust.
May we always be aware,
  And for His return prepare.
Be prepared though often shamed,
  Be prepared though e’en defamed.
Be prepared through all of life,
  Watching, praying in the strife:
Lord, do come without delay!
  Even come, dear Lord, today!