Though we are often swayed and tossed

Though we waver as the seasons,
He will every change endure;
Not in vain He gives His promise,
Though our world remains impure.
Our heart may be changing often,
But our need He won’t forsake.
Though we spurn Him, still He loves us;
Worldly friends our hearts would break.
He responds with faithful keeping
All that we to Him would trust.
To the uttermost He loves us,
Ever loving us He must.
We remain unfair, rebellious,
Grieve His heart, His love forget,
Quickly bow unto some idol,
Strangely never feel regret.
Idols quickly tarnish, vanish,
Powerless to meet our need;
He to whom we’ve been ungrateful
Is a changeless friend indeed.
He receives us, loves and comforts,
Brings us closer to His heart;
He consoles through changing seasons,
And His love will ne’er depart.
Lord, upon such care reflecting,
For Your love we shout Your praise;
Our hearts melt with grateful worship,
We give thanks through endless days.
Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

"Yet He accepts us and consoles

And to Himself He draws us nigh

As though no fault e'er marred our souls,"

You accept us because of the blood shed on the cross, the blood of Your beloved Son. Because of this blood You have to accept us, as though no fault ever marred our soul. What a Friend, what a Father. We are full of thanks and praise. You recover us again and again, our trust is in You!