O Blessed Saviour, Son of God

Thou Son of God, our Savior dear,
Through Thee redemption did appear,
  From sin and death to free.
Thy saints with rapturous joy abound,
To see Thee in Thy glorious crown
  And seated heavenly.
  And seated heavenly.
Love of the Father lifted Thee,
Bestowed such power, majesty;
  At His right hand art Thou.
We praise Thy wisdom, Sovereign true,
And consecrate our all anew;
  Thou reignest ever now.
  Thou reignest ever now.
Head of the Church in righteousness,
Thy members Thou didst fully bless:
  All that Thou hast is ours.
Our life and power Thou become,
In all our motives, set Thy throne,
  And conquer Satan’s pow’rs.
  And conquer Satan’s pow’rs.
Ere long that glorious day shall come,
Your Body will be raptured home,
  To ever see Thy face.
Such happy day! Thyself to see,
And know that we belong to Thee,
  And rest in Thine embrace.
  And rest in Thine embrace.

Mississippi, United States

I pray the Lord’s blessing for those who make this website possible.

I’ve found that listening to the music and singing along is a wonderful way to begin my prayer time.

A song is a great way to push aside all of the confusion and clutter in our mind and spirit. Then I’m ready to praise God and read his Word.

Thank you for your service unto the Lord.