We know Thee, Lord, as risen

We know Thee, Lord, as risen,
Thou Firstborn from the dead;
We see Thee now ascended
The church’s glorious Head:
In Thee by grace accepted,
The heart and mind set free
To think of all Thy glory,
As now made one with Thee.
For Thou art Head o’er all things,
Thou hast the highest fame;
As Man Thou art exalted,
Supreme Thy glorious Name!
Supreme Thy love, for Calv’ry
Has shown it’s mighty power;
Thy love was proved victorious
In sorrow’s darkest hour.
Soon every heart shall prize Thee,
All tongues Thy name shall praise;
Soon all shall recognize Thee
And shouts of welcome raise.
What blessing now to know Thee,
To bask in boundless love,
To offer praise unceasing
As all its depths we prove.
Thy Name all name excelleth,
Thy fame all fame transcends
Thy love all love exceedeth,
And never, never ends.
With joy we sing Thy praises
As one with Thee above;
Eternal are Thy glories;
Eternal is Thy love.