Forgiveness when no blood was shed

Forgiveness when no blood was shed,
What then of righteousness?
Reproof when blood already flowed,
Would likewise be unjust.
O God, no more can You condemn;
My Lord was sacrificed;
I’m fully free, as far from sin
As East is far from West.
All that Your righteousness demands
My Lord has fully paid;
Now You can only pardon grant;
No judgment can be made.
At first, ‘twas love bade Him redeem,
Your righteousness appease,
But now by righteousness He must
Sin’s prisoners release.
Astounding! Love and righteousness
Both at the cross I see;
So moved by what they two have wrought,
I’ll sing unceasingly.
Veillance Junior Bastien

Kingston, Jamaica

My soul has been blessed through this song. It was amazing to listen to it. God's blessing.