It’s a new, living meeting that we’re having today

It’s a new, living meeting that we’re having today.
We are meeting in spirit and we worship this way.
We enjoy the reality of Christ as all,
And leave all of the shadows when on Jesus we call.
  It’s a new, living meeting
In a new, living way.
At the beaches, the schools, the parks—
Wherever we may.
We are slaying the ord’nances, religion too.
Hallelujah! The Spirit of the Lord’s breaking through.
We don’t care for religion, we don’t care for the forms,
We don’t care for opinions, regulations or norms.
We don’t care for the doctrines that will kill us dead—
Hallelujah! We’re free in our spirit instead!
It’s a new, living meeting, no more oldness we’ll bear.
In the singing, pray-reading it is Christ that we share.
No more old-fashioned meetings in the old, old way.
Hallelujah! The Lord is doing new things today!