O how glorious! O how holy


McKinney, TX, United States

O how glorious


Liverpool, Mersyside, United Kingdom

O how glorious! O how holy!

God is the eternal life!

Full, unlimited, and pow’rful,

Pure, and merciful, and bright!

In this life are all His riches,

All His nature, love and light

James Juguilon Lumantas

Seoul, South Korea

Hallelujah! The Triune God is now flowing in us...

Dan Chen

Dublin, CA, United States

The last verse says "How mysterious, yet how real! God Himself now flows in me! In my heart, with me in oneness, He has come my life to be. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I will praise unceasingly!" The Triune God is a mystery, He is three yet one in His economy. It is beyond our human mind! However, He accomplished all these things is not for us to study, to evaluate, or to understand; He accomplished these are for us to enjoy Him in reality. That's why it states "How mysterious, yet how real!" In Acts 17:27 says "... He is not far from each one of us;" Today, He is real to us.