Marvel not that Christ in glory

Marvel not that Christ in glory
  All my inmost heart hath won;
Not a star to cheer my darkness,
  But a light beyond the sun.
All below lies dark and shadowed,
  Nothing here to claim my heart,
Save the lonely track of sorrow
  Where of old He walked apart.
Others in the earthly sunshine
  Wearily may journey on,
I have seen a light from heaven
  Past the brightness of the sun—
Light that knows no cloud, no waning,
  Light wherein I see His face,
All His love’s uncounted treasures,
  All the riches of His grace:
All the wonders of His glory,
  Deeper wonders of His love—
How for me He won, He keepeth
  That high standing all above;
Not a glimpse—the veil uplifted—
  But within the veil to dwell,
Gazing on His face forever,
  Hearing words unspeakable.
I have seen the face of Jesus—
  Tell me not of aught beside;
I have heard the voice of Jesus—
  All my soul is satisfied.
In the radiance of the glory
  First I saw His blessed face,
And forever shall that glory
  Be my home, my dwelling-place.

Anaheim, CA, United States

I have seen the face of Jesus….

I have heard the voice of Jesus—

All my soul is satisfied!


Mission Viejo, CA, United States

Not a glimpse —the veil uplifted —

But within the veil to dwell,

Gazing on His face forever,

Hearing words unspeakable!!


Huntsville, Texas, United States

What a beautiful hymn. This is my favorite.


Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Acts 26:12, 13. Engaged in these things, I journeyed. to Damascus with authority and a commission from the chief priest. At midday on the way , I saw, O King , a light from heaven beyond the brightness of the sun, shining around me and the ones with me.


Hebrews 10:22a: "Let us come forward to the Holy of Holies with a true heart in full assurance of faith"

Rey Pomasin

Imus City, Cavite, Philippines

Oh what blessed view in heaven, truly a marvel to gaze upon. Hallelujah!

Nelson Liu

Boston, MA, United States

And forever shall that glory be my home, my dwelling-place!

Frank Alcamo

Oceanside, NY, United States

I love this song. May God grant that this will be our testimony and experience. That we are completely satisfied with Jesus alone.

Isaiah Tor

Sydney, NSW, Australia

This hymn speaks of an intimacy with the Lord which points to the fullest degree of onenesss where the Lord in His innermost being will overshadow us, even incorporate us into Himself in and as the New Jerusalem. This hymn portrays the scene, the sentiment, the feeling, the rich apprehension of the Lord Jesus found in 2 Corinthians 3:18.

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