I give my heart to Thee

I give my heart to Thee,
  O Jesus most desired;
And heart for heart the gift shall be,
  For Thou my heart hast fired.
Thou hearts alone wouldst move,
  Thou only hearts dost love;
I would love Thee as Thou lov’st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
What off’ring can I make,
  Dear Lord, to love like Thine;
That Thou, the Word, didst stoop to take
  A human form like mine?
“Give Me thy heart, my son”:
  Lord, Thou my heart hast won;
I would love Thee as Thou lov’st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
Thy heart is opened wide,
  Its offered love most free,
That heart to heart I may abide,
  And hide myself in Thee.
Ah, how Thy love doth burn,
  Till I that love return!
I would love Thee as Thou lov’st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
Here finds my heart its rest,
  Repose that knows no shock,
The strength of love that keeps it blest
  In Thee, the riven Rock.
My heart, as girt around,
  Her citadel hath found;
I would love Thee as Thou lov’st me,
  O Jesus most desired.
Ana Lara

United States

Ray Palmer was born in Little Compton, Rhode Island on November 12, 1808 and died March 29, 1887 in Newark, New Jersey. After completing grammar school, he worked in Boston in a dry goods store but a religious awakening prodded him to study for the ministry. He attended Yale College (supporting himself by teaching) and was ordained in 1835 a pastor in Congregational Churches both in Bath, Maine (1835-50) and Albany, New York (1850-65). He also served as Secretary of the American Congregational Union (1865-1878). Palmer was a renowned preacher and author of original hymns as well as a translator of many hymns. He published several volumes of poetry and hymns including “Sabbath Hymn Book” (1858), “Hymns and Sacred Pieces” (1865), and “Hymns of my Holy Hours” (1868). His “Complete Works” were published in 1876. Most of Dr. Palmer’s hymns have passed on to congregational use and have won great acceptance. The best of them by combination of thought, poetry and devotion are almost superior to almost all other American hymns.

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen! I would Love Three as Thou lov'st me.

O Jesus most desired.

amen dear Lord.... thank you You won our hearts.

You're very precious Lord.

Ronald Musoke

Kampala, Uganda

Oh Lord, you are the desire of the nations. Oh Jesus you are the desire of my heart. In You my heart finds its rest. Lord Jesus burn within my heart till I that love return. Oh Lord I would love You as thou lov'st me, O Jesus most desired.


San Marcos, Texas, United States

Oh Lord such a Riven Rock you are! Nothing can shake us from such a foundation that you are! Oh Lord, we thank you that we can be reposed in you!

Anthony Pfeiffer


Verse 6

Ah, how Thy love doth burn

Till I Thy love return

I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me

O Jesus most desired.

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

David Martinez

San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

I give You my heart, dear Lord. Take it and reproduce Your love in me!!

Dolores Petrikat

Buda, TX, United States

That heart to heart I may abide,

and I hide myself in Thee.

O, Jesus most desired!