What great provision God has made

What great provision God has made
  In Jesus’ death on Calvary!
  I hung with Him upon the tree,
And in His tomb I too was laid.
I rose with Him from out the grave—
  And how shall I who died to sin
  Continue still to live therein,
The victor living as the slave?
At God’s right hand He took His place,
  And while for saints my Savior pleads,
  My heart for sinners intercedes
That they might know His saving grace.
Oh, what a name to me is given—
  A son of God, by second birth!
  I represent Him on the earth,
He represents me now in heaven.
As Jesus dwells beyond the skies,
  I dwell within this world of strife;
  And as He lives within my life,
In Him I’m in the heavenlies!
Paige Wheaton

Norman, Oklahoma

The Lord lives in me! Make Your home in my heart, Lord. That You would no longer be a slave in me but that You would have the victory everyday!!!