Fully surrendered—Lord, I would be

Fully surrendered—Lord, I would be,
Fully surrendered, dear Lord, to Thee.
  All on the altar laid,
  Surrender fully made,
  Thou hast my ransom paid;
    I yield to Thee.
Fully surrendered—life, time, and all,
All Thou hast given me held at Thy call.
  Speak but the word to me,
  Gladly I’ll follow Thee,
  Now and eternally
    Obey my Lord.
Fully surrendered—silver and gold,
His, who hath given me riches untold.
  All, all belong to Thee,
  For Thou didst purchase me,
  Thine evermore to be,
    Jesus, my Lord.
Fully surrendered—Lord, I am Thine;
Fully surrendered, Savior divine!
  Live Thou Thy life in me;
  All fullness dwells in Thee;
  Not I, but Christ in me,
    Christ all in all.
Ash K

United States

Hey I liked the lyrics...Can anyone help me with link on youtube/vimeo where I can listen to this plz? Thanks.

P.S. Googled but no luck :(

Amy Forcadilla

Malabon City, NCR, Philippines

To surrender everything to the Lord will end up our struggling in the vanity of human life. Time, life, silver, and gold are not ours but His. As Abraham willingly offered Isaac and the Father His only Begotten Son, may we also fully surrender our all to Him. Praise the Lord He is worthy to receive our all. Lord Jesus, sanctify our all unto You. Amen.

Gerald Chan

Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

I love this song because it reminds me that nothing last forever. We have plans in our life, but the plan of the Lord will always prevail. We should really surrender everything that is not of Him. Our dear Lord is everything. He is the great I Am, the universality, centrality, unique Headship. Lord, I surrender all. I love You, Lord.

Jon Bird

Burnaby, BC, Canada

Having new life with our Creator means putting to death whatever belongs to your earthy, evil, nature, which includes greed as well, which is one kind of idolatry says the Bible.

You used to do these things in your former life, but now get rid of them all, AND SURRENDER-GIVE 'EM UP-ADMIT YOU WERE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE CONFLICT.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fully surrendered: what a wonderful song. Everything is given by God, sometimes it is such a folly to think that everything belongs to me, in fact, everything belongs to God. I pray that I'll always be surrendered to You, Lord.

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