Saved to the uttermost, I am the Lord’s

Saved to the uttermost, I am the Lord’s;
Jesus my Savior salvation affords;
Gives me His Spirit a witness within,
Whisp’ring of pardon, and saving from sin.
  Saved, saved, saved to the uttermost:
  Saved, saved by power divine;
Saved, saved, I’m saved to the uttermost;
    Jesus the Savior is mine!
Saved to the uttermost; Jesus is near;
Keeping me safely, He casteth out fear;
Trusting His promises, how I am blest;
Leaning upon Him, how sweet is my rest.
Saved to the uttermost: this I can say,
“Once all was darkness, but now it is day.”
Beautiful visions of glory I see;
Jesus in brightness revealed unto me.
Saved to the uttermost: cheerfully sing
Loud hallelujahs to Jesus my King!
Ransomed and pardoned, redeemed by His blood,
Cleansed from unrighteousness, glory to God!
Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Mr. Kilpatrick had a most unusual homecoming. He was 83 years old. They found him sitting in his chair, as though resting. He had gone to be with his Savior and Lord. On the floor at his feet was a sheet of paper. On one side of the paper he had written:

"Just as Thou wilt, Lord, this is my cry;

Just as Thou wilt, to live or die.

I am Thy servant; Thou knowest best;

Just as Thou wilt, Lord, labor or rest."

On the reverse side of the paper, in a hurried scrawl, was a second verse:

"Just as Thou wilt, Lord, which shall it be,

Life everlasting waiting for me,

Or shall I tarry here at Thy feet?

Just as Thou wilt, Lord, whatever is meet."

- Hymn Stories by Wilbur Konkel