The Spirit of life is within us today

The Spirit of life is within us today,
Who’s likened to water our thirst to allay;
Of Him we may drink and be filled thus with Him,
Until as a river He flows from within.
The Spirit of pow’r comes upon us today,
Who’s likened to clothing ourselves to array;
In Him we are baptized, with Him we are dressed,
For service equipping with power possessed.
The Spirit of life is as breath glorious,
As spirit of life it is breathed into us;
The Spirit of pow’r doth the wind typify,
Which bloweth upon us with pow’r from on high.
Into His disciples the risen Lord breathed,
The Spirit of life thus to them He bequeathed;
Th’ ascended Lord poured at the Pentecost hour
Upon His disciples the Spirit of pow’r.
The Spirit of life is within as the life,
The Spirit of power is giv’n for this life;
As blowing of wind brings the fresh air to breathe,
The Spirit of power to life doth bequeath.
These are not two spirits apart and afar,
But of the one Spirit the two functions are,
To clothe us with God and to fill us within,
That we may be thoroughly mingled with Him.
Lord, fill with Thy Spirit of life every part,
That we may grow up in Thy life as Thou art;
And clothe us without with Thy Spirit of pow’r
Thy will to fulfill in Thy service each hour.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Maria L

Fremont, California, United States

Praise the Lord the Spirit of life is within us today!

Lord Jesus, we exercise our spirit to contact You and drink of You as the flowing Spirit. Hallelujah!

Solomon Lumasai

Nairobi, Kenya

In God We Trust!


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