In spirit, in the church we see

In spirit, in the church we see
The high estate we’re destined for.
It’s higher, vaster, more profound
Than anything we’ve seen before.
It’s not a view in doctrine bare
But an unveiling of the Christ.
He’s marvelous and far beyond
Our mental thought or power to share.
He’s rich, unlimited, profound,
Immeasurable, and marvelous.
Yet ’tis a greater wonder still
He needs heirs of salvation—us.
God has accomplished many things—
He’s planned, created, and brought forth.
The Son is now appointed Heir,
Administrator of God’s worth.
But in th’ economy of God
There is not one, but many sons.
One is the firstborn Son of God
With many other living ones.
Christ will inherit all God’s things,
And we’re the heirs of God with Christ.
We’re growing now to be matured;
As heirs we’ll soon be legalized.
We’re joint-heirs with the firstborn Son,
Inheriting the universe.
We’re in this corporation vast—
All partners of Christ and the church.
In spirit, in the church, we see
Our calling of unrivaled worth.
We’re destined, not to go to heaven.
We’re destined to be kings on earth.
We’re paupers, yet we’re glorious kings.
Inheriting the kingdom vast,
The earth, God’s throne, and e’en all things
And all the Father is and has.
Peggy Swaney

Canton, Georgia, United States

Hallelujah! What a Christ have we