Lord, Thou wilt soon appear

Lord, Thou wilt soon appear,
  Thy day is almost here.
Oh, how we love Thy coming soon!
  We have no other
  Lord, life, or lover
Than Thou, Lord Jesus, our Bridegroom!
The hour is drawing nigh,
  Soon we shall hear Thy cry
And with Thee on the clouds descend.
  Oh what an hour sweet
  When Bride and Bridegroom meet
And love surpassing comprehend.
The moments fly apace,
  Soon we shall see Thy face!
Amen, Lord Jesus! Quickly come!
  We long Thyself to see
  And with Thee ever be,
Thou who our inmost heart hath won.
’Tis but a moment now;
  Thou, our Lord Bridegroom, Thou
Soon wilt return to claim Thy Bride.
  O Hallelujah!
  ’Tis this we long for,
And Thou too wilt be satisfied.
Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

By the Lord’s grace, by His heavenly intercession, by His heavenly ministry, by the power of His resurrection life, by His shepherding, by the bountiful supply of grace, and through the life flowing in the Body of Christ, let us be among those who are preparing the bride to come.


Tbilisi, Georgia

Lord Jesus we are living for Your coming, Lord bring us into the deepest sensation of Your coming every moment Prepare us, we love You, we’re waiting for You, actively love You and echoing to Your love, precious One , our dearest Bridegroom make us Your satisfaction


Anaheim, CA, United States

The Groom, the Husband, and the bride, the wife, will have a most enjoyable honeymoon, and the wedding day will last for a thousand years.

Nelson K

Anaheim, CA, United States

’Tis this we long for,

And Thou too wilt be satisfied.

M. Wang

New York, NY, United States

All the beauty, power, brightness, and ability of the church come from the fact that Christ as life is her inward content;

Excerpt of Banner of the 2017 Memorial day conference.

Lisa Chiang

Los Angeles, CA, United States

The hour of the Lord's return is drawing near! Lord, cause us to see that we are at the end times - even this would cause us to love and yearn for the return of our Bridegroom even more!



The Lord gave me the translation of this song in arabic, praise Him:

ربي تأتي عن قريب

يومك أصبح وشيك

آه! كم نحب مجيئك القريب

ليس لنا حبيب

رب ولا نصيب

سواك يا أحلى عريس

ها الساعة تقترب

صراخك سنسمع

وفي السحب نراك تنزل

يا لوقت فتان

يلتقي العروسان

وحب يفوق الأذهان

الأوقات في زوال

نرى وجهك لا محال

أمين يسوعي بسرعة تعال

نشتاق للقياك

لنكون دوماً معاك

يا من فزت بالأعماق

ها لحظة تفصلنا

فالعريس ربنا

آت لكي يطالب بالعروس

آه هللويا!

ها شهوة قلوبنا

لاقت رغبة الهنا

Jason M. Insang

Zamboanga City, Philippines

Oh Lord I love You! I'm longing for Thy coming!

Rebekah Corley

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

We have no other Lord, life or lover than Thou Lord our Bridegroom!


San Diego, CA, United States

Oh, what an hour sweet, when Bride and Bridegroom meet! Our human existence is for this most excellent moment. Our whole being should be longing for such a sweet hour. Amen, Lord Jesus! Quickly Come!