If our hearts would be established

If our hearts would be established;
If in spirit we would be;
If we would be overcomers;
Follow Jesus constantly.
  Follow Jesus in the spirit;
  Be the overcomers true;
  Follow Jesus every moment—
  Jesus, help us follow You.
If we would be built together;
If related we would be;
To be fitly framed together;
Follow brothers constantly.
  Follow brothers for the building;
  Never independent be;
  Follow brothers, be in order,
  Functioning in harmony.
If we’re for the Lord’s recovery;
If the earth the Lord’s would be;
If we would bring in the kingdom;
Follow churches constantly.
  Follow all the local churches;
  Thus, the kingdom we will see.
  Follow in the churches’ flowing
  For the Lord’s recovery.
We would all be better followers,
Taking in with joy the Word;
It enables us to follow
Brothers, churches, and our Lord.
  Follow Jesus; follow brothers;
  Follow churches in the flow;
  By the Word of God amening
  We can all attain this goal.
Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru

Jesus, help us follow You.