We will sing to the Lord with our spirit

We will sing to the Lord with our spirit,
We will sing to the Lord from within,
We will sing hallelujah to Jesus;
And be blent into oneness with Him.
We have been many years in religion,
We have been many years in our mind,
We have been many years in emotions,
Always seeking, but never to find.
Now we’re learning to turn to our spirit,
Now we’re learning to take Christ as life;
Now we’re learning to feed upon Jesus
And be freed from all struggling and strife.
Hallelujah for life in the Spirit,
Hallelujah for newness within.
When we turn from our mind to our spirit,
We enjoy all the riches of Him.
Willem Schutte

Montrose, Co, United States

Oh Lord Jesus, thank You for making us free from religion. Thank You that we can truly be set free and enjoy You in our spirit and for mingling with ours. Hallelujah we praise You.


New York City, NY, U.S.A.

Recently, I realized how simple and yet how meaningful this hymn is. The key to seeing/experiencing Christ as our reality, as our LAND is to turn to our spirit! Since we have the Lord in our spirit...this allows us to spend time with Him and most importantly, to enjoy Him as anything and everything b/c He is the all-inclusive Christ! The Christian life, typified by the Feast of Unleavened Bread - which the children of Israel had for 7 days, should be a life of feasting. If we feel that we no longer experience anything new of Him, we can honestly tell Him our situation...ask Him to be more real to us...to make our time with Him sweeter and more enjoyable. Christ wants to be enjoyable to us!