Oh, sanctify us, Lord; now add Thyself to us

Oh, sanctify us, Lord; now add Thyself to us,
In our experience, Thy Person spread in us,
That in reality the church be glorious,
O Lord, do add Thyself, we pray.
  Oh, sanctify us, Lord, today;
Lord Jesus, You’re the only way.
We take Your Person, Lord;
Oh, spread Yourself abroad.
  Oh, sanctify us, Lord, today.
Oh, purify us, Lord, by speaking in our heart;
Thy living, spoken word this washing will impart.
Increase Thy speaking, Lord, and cleanse our every part.
Oh, purify us, Lord, we pray.
  Oh, purify us, Lord, today;
Wash all our natural life away.
Speak now Thy words in us,
And make us glorious.
  O Lord, do speak in us today.
O Lord, do nourish us; You are the food we need;
As we are eating You, we’ll be transformed indeed;
We’re fully satisfied as on Yourself we feed,
So nourish us, O Lord, we pray.
  O Lord, do nourish us today
As all our self You wash away.
Not only purify,
But fill and satisfy;
  O Lord, do nourish us today.
O Lord, do cherish us, as on Thyself we feed;
Warm us so tenderly and meet our every need.
Our hardness soften, Lord, till we are Yours indeed;
Oh, cherish us, dear Lord, we pray.
  O Lord, do cherish us today,
Until our coldness flees away.
Oh, hold us close to Thee
And cherish tenderly;
  O Lord, do cherish us today.
Lord, make us glorious, by all Your inner work,
Not glory for ourselves, but glory for the church;
That You may have Your Bride, thus ending all Your search.
O Lord, do work on us, we pray.
  O Lord, do work on us today!
To form the church Your glorious way.
Oh, spread Yourself in us
Till we are glorious;
  Oh, make us glorious, Lord, today.

Taipei, Taiwan

oh Lord Jesus ! we worship you we praise you oh Lord Jesus! oh Lord Jesus! Amen

Racheal Fernandez

Waianae, Hawaii, United States

Praise the Lord!


Milwaukee, Wi, United States

Lord Jesus! Praise You for all that You are to us. We love You!


Glory gain all the glory in your church! Give us a full exodus 15 in victory today.

Anne Rafinan

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Oh Lord, Do work on us today, sanctify us, nourish us, and glorify us.

We love you Lord.


London, United Kingdom

Amen! Lord Thank You for this song!!!

Sister Vali

Tirane, Albania

Oh, spread Yourself in us

Taylor C.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Oh Lord, sanctify us, purify us, nourish us, cherish us, glorify us! Do work on us today!!

Jim Mii

Yangon, Myanmar

Oh Lord we open ourselves and we give ourselves to you again. Amen

Yuri Reyes

Portland, OR, United States

Lord Thank You and praise You for all Your inward working!!! We love You Lord Jesus! Work in us to the uttermost. Halleujah Jesus is Lord!