My song shall be of Jesus

My song shall be of Jesus;
  His mercy crowns my days,
He fills my cup with blessings,
  And tunes my heart to praise.
My song shall be of Jesus,
  The precious Lamb of God,
Who gave Himself my ransom,
  And bought me with His blood.
  My song shall be of Jesus
  When, sitting at His feet,
I call to mind His goodness
  In meditation sweet:
My song shall be of Jesus,
  Whatever ill betide;
I’ll sing the grace that saves me,
  And keeps me at His side.
I’ll sing the grace that saves me,
  And keeps me at His side.
My song shall be of Jesus
  While pressing on my way
To reach the blissful kingdom
  Of pure and perfect day:
And when my soul shall enter
  That realm of splendor fair,
A song of praise to Jesus
  I’ll sing forever there.
Abigail Vinson

Irving, Texas, United States

I remember listening to this hymn in my parents' room, usually at night time. I heard it first when I was 4. I really like this song because the whole thing is really good!! I can really exercise my spirit singing this wonderful song!!!!


Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand

Jesus is always been a sweet song to me. With this hymn, it just confirms that Christ is my heavenly tune, song, and hymn. It just refreshes me and makes my journey (though bumpy) more encouraging to reach the goal which is Christ Himself -- my hope of glory. AMEN.

Melissa Cartwright

Berlin, Germany

I really like the new tune-it makes me so happy--I've been the Lord a long time now, and new tunes are always refreshing. Sing a new song to the Lord! Sometimes new tunes open up words you never noticed before--thank you Lord for the gifted members of Your Body, that help us praise you, and put new songs in our mouths! Hallelujah!

Hans Lawrence D. Catbagan

Bacoor, Cavite, Phillippines

My favorite hymn of all times. simply because, when we are singing this hymn, i Felt a sudden Change in My body, i felt hot, and i don't know why, i feel that my body is burning and very happy. i was really toched by this hym. this hymn, is my first hymn that i memorized and after i pray i always singt this song. i really loved it. it was constituted to me.


Toronto, ON, Canada

Hallelujah! This song tells us that our song can be of Jesus! This song has always been special to me, because I'm the type of person who gets absorbed into music very easily. This means that whenever I hear or sing a song, I immediately fall into its mood, whether it's sad or happy.

I used to listen to the radio very frequently in the car, and because the Lord made me so that I get engrossed in music, I felt spiritually dead every time I listened to the radio. The music really brought me into myself, and caused me to feel empty. I'm sure that for some people, it's listening to music, but for others, it may be watching movies or television.

One night when I was in the car with my dad, driving to the Saturday night young people's meeting, I was busy switching radio stations until I could find a song I liked. Because I was concentrating on which station to go to, I didn't realize that we were going to hit a bus. If I hadn't been so busy concentrating on the radio, maybe it could have been prevented.

Fortunately, the damage was very minor. None of us got hurt, and the car wasn't beaten too badly either. The next time I was in the car listening to the radio, I felt very uneasy. Eventually I stopped listening to it completely.

When I look back, that accident could have been the Lord telling me something. Soon, instead of listening to worldly music, I turned to listening to hymns on tapes. My enjoyment of the Lord really increased, because I listened to them every time I was in the car, and each time, I was filled with more of the Lord.

In Hymn 165, I really enjoy the parts, "He fills my cup with blessings, And tunes my heart to praise" and, "My song shall be of Jesus, Whatever ill betide; I'll sing the grace that saves me, And keeps me at His side."