Love Prevails

Before time began
You desired to be one with man.
You long for a bride
To share in Your life.
Though so far away,
Undeterred, You called my name.
O Lord, You have won my heart.
  Love prevailed.
  Love prevails.
  Love prevails.
Your resistless love never fails.
  Love prevails.
  Love prevails.
Your love has filled all our hearts.
  Love prevails.
You long for Your sons
To be knit together as one
In mind and in heart
And not stand apart.
Your love is the way;
Without love, all efforts are vain.
Divine love builds up Your church.
  Love prevails.
Your unchanging love
Reaches far and rises above
The sins of all men,
Their hearts’ love to win.
Lord, through us embrace
The entire human race.
Your love conquers every heart.
  Love prevails.

California, United States

Your resistless love never fails!

Henna Wu

CA, United States

amenn 😛

Joshua Penner

Anaheim, California, United States

We have faith that love prevails!

The Frietag Family

FL And VA, United States

Oh Lord!!! Love prevailssss!!!!!! Forever amen