This age of lawlessness
Cools down our love for Christ,
Treads down our heart of love
For other things.
But our spirit is aflame.
So truthfully proclaim:
“I love You, Jesus Lord!”
And burn again.
  (So let’s all…)
  Rekindle, yes fan into flame,
The gift of God, which is in you.
My spirit, as I call on His name,
Will burn today.
Lord Jesus!
Just like to Ephesus,
One thing outweighs the rest.
God wants our love for Him
The first and best.
Our spirit is equipped,
Strength, love, and soberness.
Let’s choose to love Him with
Our entire being.
  (We choose to…)
Oh Timothy,
Commit the Lord to keep
The healthy word complete,
And run the race.
God’s Spirit like a flood,
O’rflows our hearts with love.
We’ll burn for Him alone,
Until He comes.
  (And we will…)
Phebe Hii

Keningau, Malaysia

“I love You, Jesus Lord! ”

Berkeley Sister House

Berkeley, CA, United States



Oh Lord Jesus! Thank you Lord that you are able to rekindle our heart to love you!


Milwaukee, WI, United States

Rekindle our love for You! Fan into the flame the gift of God which is in You! Thank You Lord we can call on Your name! This hymn is exactly what I needed today. Thank You Lord Jesus.

Ken Mo

San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines

Let’s choose to love Him with our entire being 🥰