Praise God for tidings glad

Praise God for tidings glad—
  We’re at the throne of grace;
  Our gospel’s not so low,
  We’re in the highest place.
We’re meeting here around the throne,
Enjoying God with all His own.
Start in the outer court,
  But aim to get inside;
  The Holy Place is good,
  But do not there abide.
Leave sin behind—it’s put away;
We’re in the veil with God to stay.
To rise from earth to heav’n,
  A deeper turn we need;
  To be where Christ is now
  Upon the throne indeed.
We’re gathered at the throne of grace,
Beholding Jesus face to face.
We’re being turned as one,
  Not individually;
  Not private Christians now,
  But Body Christians we.
As members here in one accord,
We are the Body of the Lord.
As Body Christians now
  We have a higher word.
  Foundation’s word we see,
  ’Tis altar, cross, and blood.
Perfection’s word is little known,
’Tis fellowship around the throne.
Christ is objective too,
  But subjective are we
  In our experience;
  Our spirit is the key.
God, throne, and holiest—we see
Our spirit now contains all three.
Leviticus is past,
  And Aaron’s work is o’er;
  Melchisedec is here,
  High Priest forevermore;
His ministry is now so fine:
He comes to feed us bread and wine.
(Repeat the last line of each stanza)

Same tune as

'Arise, my soul, arise! shake off thy guilty fears! '