The good Shepherd

My Savior the good Shepherd is,
He’ll never leave the flock.
The One Who truly loves the sheep,
Became the Lamb of God.
Despised, afflicted in my stead,
He spent His soul for me.
And to the slaughter He was led,
That I not thirsty be.
My Shepherd is the Lamb of God,
He calls to me each day,
To drink the waters flowing free,
From His pierced side of grace.
Yet when I stray or choose my way,
He still would search for me,
And bring me home on shoulders strong.
Do I not His love see?
My Shepherd’s face is how I live,
I love to look at Him.
Though He might lead through shearing trial,
But still I follow Him.
Just as the Father’s presence cheered
Him through each suffering day,
’Tis once I saw His tender care
That here I want to stay.
Oh, Father thank You for Your Son,
He shares Your heart for us.
That gladly He would bear us to
The bosom of Your love.
No greater Shepherd could there be,
That He would not lose one!
And lead us all to dwell with You.
Sweet Pasture, Living Stream.

St. Paul, Antigua And Barbuda

Glory to God. I love the words and tune, so appropriate for the children in our Sunday school. Blessings


Augusta, GA, United States

What a wonderful hymn! I was looking for a good one about Jesus as the Good Shepherd to sing in my devotional time and this is it! There are lots of wonderful hymns about the Good Shepherd, but this is one of the most complete theologically, I think. Thank you!

Ajayi Oluwafemi Michael Akorede Abiola

Thank God.