So Make Me to be Precious

Dearest Lord, I have heard of Your soon return,
To silently come as a thief to steal away
Vessels who have become precious in Your eyes.
For them, You would hasten Your coming day.
  So make me to be precious
And valuable to You,
To be a man of preciousness,
E’en preciousness itself.
For this, O Lord, I pray:
Your riches I would gain!
Make me precious, Lord, more today!
As a virgin have I been betrothed to You;
How can I still choose to be tainted by this world?
Purchased with precious blood, I belong to You.
No longer my own, I am fully Yours.
  So make me to be precious
And lovely in Your eyes,
To be a virgin chaste and pure,
By Spirit beautified.
Out of my love, I choose
To keep myself for You,
My Beloved, dear Bridegroom.
These last days, there is much You desire to do,
But first You need some faithful ones to intercede.
Just to those who have ceased seeking their own things
You would nothing hide but would freely speak.
  So make me to be precious
And intimate with You,
To be Your close companion, Lord,
Your interests, all I view.
Lord, as I’m lingering,
Speak face to face with me.
Dearest Lord, I am listening.
As this age darker grows, still the cry sounds out:
“Redeem the time and pay the price to buy the oil.”
No more days can I waste if I want to hear
The call, “Enter into your Master’s joy.”
  So make me to be precious
And one You’d steal away,
By loving Your appearing,
Expecting You each day.
There’s no more time to waste!
Your coming, I await!
Dearest Jesus, oh, come! Make haste!

Brazoria, TX, United States

A beautiful poem or song, it touches my heart.

Joyce Mira

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lord, gain us day by day to be a man of preciousness and valuable to you and one of those you'd steal away.