Your Words Were Found (Jer. 15:16; Psa. 119:15)

  Your words were found,
And I ate them.
And Your words became,
Became to me,
The gladness and joy
Of my heart,
Became the gladness and joy
Of my heart.
  I will muse upon Your precepts,
And regard Your ways,
I will turn the Bible into
Both my prayer and praise.
I will sing it in the morning,
And I’ll pray it all day long,
Until Jehovah has become
My strength and song.

United States

I long and pray for this song to be real in my experience. Oh may His word truly become the gladness and joy in my heart. We all soon realize that no one and nothing in this world can bring genuine gladness and joy except our Lord Jesus!

Pat Buxton

Yuma, Arizona, United States

Make Thy way plain before my sight... I love Your Testament... Let it be mine too!

My Father is my witness too.

I take the hand of Christ and continue to walk His Way.

Amen Lord!

United States

Amen Lord Sing it in the morning and praise it all day long!!

Travis Hall

Los Angeles, United States

I love turning the Bible into prayer and praise. And singing it with others always helps make the word such a joy to my heart

Bell Wu

Berkeley, CA, Malaysia

A brother gave me a Christians on campis sticker once and it reminded me of this song! amen

Abraham Flores

Newington, Connecticut, United States

You are my strength and song Lord Jesus! Jesus is Lord! Hallelujah!

Sister Vali

Tirane, Albania

Your words became,

Became to me,

The gladness and joy

Of my heart