He’s the Spirit of reality

He’s the Spirit of reality,
Pneumatic Christ, the Firstborn Son in me,
The consummation of the Triune God,
Life-giving Spirit, all-inclusive Christ
   Intensified sevenfold.
He’s the Spirit of Reality.
He’s the secret. He is one with me;
He’s in my spirit. God dispensed in me
From my spirit, soul and then, body,
   Producing reality.
Don’t be fooled by outward circumstance.
Lord, do grant us visions and a trance:
The New Jerusalem, a mingling
A mutual dwelling place of God and man.
   Lord, You’re reality!
Seven Spirits and the seven eyes,
Organic salvation He intensifies,
Producing overcomers in this age,
To build His Body and to consummate
   The New Jerusalem.
Julio Perez

Ventura, California, United States

He's in the stage of the Spirit today!

William Mancia

Visalia, Ca

Praise the Lord for the Spirit of reality and the consumeded process triune God in our spirit! He's wonderful, wonderful.