In the Word of God I found it

In the Word of God I found it,
Wonderful this Word to me;
I need not man’s natural teaching,
The anointing lives in me!
  Yes, in my spirit now He is moving!
Yes, I have the anointing!
God in me is flowing!
Thank God, I see it!
His Word revealed it!
I will apply it ever!
  The anointing lives in me!
Making Christ experiential,
God at His pure Word I take;
As the Spirit joined unto me,
He cannot His promise break.
Based upon the blood that cleanses
So that nothing stands between,
Christ, the ointment, moves within me!
For His move I’m made so clean.
God in Christ as life in Spirit
Into my own spirit came!
He the Holy One anoints me
Till in spirit we’re the same.
God in Spirit; I can touch Him;
In my spirit He’s the flow.
Deeper, wider, richer, fuller—
Oh, the very God I know!
As I heed “that same anointing”
Ever to “abide in Him,”
He is teaching, He is reaching,
Even all my heart to win.
Maria Levi

Los Angeles, California, United States

Thank You Lord for Your Spirit as the anointing I have have received who abides and dwells in my spirit. Your anointing teaches me in all things and is true and is not a lie. You are flowing and moving, teaching and reaching me deeper, wider, richer, and fuller as I abide in You more and more!

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

God in us is flowing! This is the very God I know! Lord win all my heart!

Francis Y Chow

Anaheim, California, United States

The anointing lives in us!

Chris Condon

Sutton, London, United Kingdom

Making Christ experiential. This is the goal of the Christian life. As we turn our hearts to Him and stand on His word, He anoints us and by this anointing we learn to abide in Him more and more each day. This abiding produces God's unique desire, the Church, His bride.


Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

John chapter 15 and this treasured song go together even though its based on 1 John. I thank the Lord for all His blessings and the songs that He freely gives to us.


I love this one; so beautiful..Yes I believe.



Praise the Lord! The anointing lives in us. We don't need man's natural teachng. God Himself is moving in our spirit.

"God in me is flowing."


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Oh the anointing, the moving Triune God! How rich and enjoyable.