Jesus Lord, I’m coming forward unto You

  Jesus Lord, I’m coming forward unto You.
Hiding not, I come just as I am,
Though reviewing how I’ve lived today
I am filled with shame once again.
No more myself deceiving,
No more to You pretending,
Simply opening my heart in full,
In my spirit Lord I pray to You.
  To be like Abraham,
Intimate and sweet with You,
Lingering in fellowship,
Lord I want to know Your heart’s
Longing and deep desire.
This is my plea, reveal to me this mystery.
What privilege, how glorious,
To be one with Your great plan.
  Receiving You, dear Lord,
Letting this life saturate,
Listening to Your sweet Word,
Truly I want to express
Nothing but only You.
I consecrate and give You all my heart and mouth.
This is, alone, the meaning and
Purpose of my prayer, Lord.
  Now on the earth, freely through us,
Carry out Your will, my Lord.

What a great prayer actually


San Francisco, California, United States

Thank You, Lord. We can come forward to You just as who we are. May You keep our hearts always open to You. Grant us to have intimate fellowship with You until our every part can be saturated by You for Your marvelous plan to be carried out through us!


Jakarta, Indonesia

Lord , I want to be like Abraham , so that I can have an intimate and sweet relationship with You.