We Know, We Know (I’m Gonna Praise God)

We know, we know (We know, we know)
That we have passed (That we have passed)
Out of death (Out of death)
And into life (And into life)
Because we love (Because we love),
We love the brothers (We love the brothers).
We know we’ve passed from death to life
Because we love the brothers.
The spontaneous issue of the life of God
Is a love for all the sons of God.
It’s by faith we apprehend and enjoy His life
And it’s love which is the evidence.
(Repeat Stanza 1)

Great Bahamas, Bahamas

a great song

Omega Brother

Shoreline, WA, United States

We love the brothers!


Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

“Only love is characteristic of a mature man and will last for eternity. Hence, when we live and act by love, we have a foretaste of the next age and of eternity. ” Life Study of 1 Cor.


Los Angeles, CA

We love the brothers!