Lord, Thou as the living oyster

Lord, Thou as the living oyster
Left the realm of life and light;
Seeking deep in deaths dark waters
Precious ones for God’s delight.
But a worthless grain You found me;
Base and cruel to pierce Your side.
Yet within that wound You held me,
Pouring out Thy very life.
Now Thy wound’s redemption keeps me
Ever in Thy tender death.
Prisoned there, Thy life’s secretion
Covers me with preciousness.
Thus a pearl, through death I enter
Thine own realm of life and light;
Built to be Thy habitation,
Thine expression, Thy delight!
Now as gates of pearl we stand here
Calling to earth’s corners four,
All may enter! All may enter!
Worthless grains He will transform!

Round Rock, Texas, United States

Lord, thank You for seeking, finding, holding, and keeping us in order to transform us for Your habitation.


Cheney, Wa, United States

Praise Him saints, We have been sought by Him and now are being transformed by Him to become in Him gates for others to enter into Him!!