Christ in Isaiah

Our Christ He is the fruit of earth,
In excellence replete;
Jehovah’s shoot, divinity;
Where God with man does meet.
Our Christ He is the canopy
To shelter God’s elect,
A hiding place, a shade from heat,
God’s work He does protect.
As virgin’s Son, to us He came—
The universal sign;
Immanuel, God dwells with us;
O what a joy divine.
Now unto us this child is born,
As firstborn Son He came;
As counselor, He’s wonderful,
The mighty God His name.
The shadow of a massive rock
Upon a wasted soil,
A refuge He from storm and wind,
A rest from earthly toil.
A twig and branch and Jesse’s root,
The fruit of all the earth;
He grew up as a tender plant,
O what a Christ of worth.
Our Christ, He is the cornerstone;
He’s tested and secure,
The glory of the Father’s house,
Upon Him resting sure.
Although He was despised by man,
Acquainted He with grief;
He paid the greatest sacrifice
That we should find release.
A peg that’s driven in the wall
On which all glory rests,
The faithful household steward He,
God’s wisdom manifest.
Eternal covenant He makes
With David’s mercies sure;
The thirsty He does satisfy
With living waters pure.
To properly portray this One,
The Bible uses three:
Isaiah, Cyrus, Israel;
A threefold Servant He.
The Prince of Peace and Mighty God,
The Savior and the King,
The light in the Millennium,
’Tis of this One we sing.
Since unto us this light has shined,
Who dwell in Galilee,
We evermore declare His praise,
O what a Christ is He.
John Macdonald

Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

So glad to find a hymn on our wonderful Lord as revealed in Isaiah! This is beautiful and awesome.