Live Through Me, Lord

Live through me, Lord! Though old man’s termination
Brought to an end my life apart from Thee,
Yet, joined to Thee, I still need transformation
To shine Thee forth with all saints corporately.
Live through me, Lord; let self no longer bind Thee;
Remove all traces of its hold on me.
Be magnified in every word and action;
In me, Thy living manifested be.
Live through me, Lord; my soul be emptied wholly,
All pleasures and self-seeking put away;
Be Thou my aim and satisfaction solely,
Our loving union e’er through me convey.
Live through me, Lord, and make my heart Thy dwelling,
Each chamber fully occupied by Thee;
Thought, feeling, will, infuse with Thee completely
Till we’ve one living out unceasingly.
Live through me, Lord; stop independent action;
Each breath, each step, would in Thy Body be.
Build us in Thee till we’re Thy full reflection,
Thy corporate one new man eternally.