Living Christ, Our Victory

Shout Hosanna, all ye people,
Christ defeated every evil;
We unite with one accord;
Praise Thee, ever conq’ring Lord.
Nevermore we fear the devil,
Christ destroyed him on the cross,
Stripping off the authorities;
Now we live His victory.
  God of peace now crushes Satan
Under overcoming feet;
Our rejoicing overthrows him,
Shaming every enemy.
All day long sing hallelujahs
In the train of vanquished foes;
Through our praise we never leave,
Seated with Him at the throne.
  Never let the lies deceive you;
Christ has shut the serpent’s mouth;
Claim the fact that we have seen him
In the lake of fire now.
Soon the earth cries out, exalting
Our returning, shining Lord;
Until then we praise and sing;
All the glory’s to our King.
  Consummated corporate warrior,
New Jerusalem are we,
One with our ascended Husband,
Lord of lords and King of kings.
Hallelujah, Christ the Conqueror,
Every day we’re one with Him,
Walking in Him constantly,
Living Christ our victory.
Tony Chiang

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Hallelujah Christ defeated every evil! Praise Thee, ever conq’ring Lord!

Jeremiah Fichter

Randolph, IA, United States

Shout Hosanna the Son of God manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil! Hallelujah He has won the victory.

Lisa Gwomson

Abuja, Nigeria

Never let the lies deceive you; Christ has shut the serpent’s mouth; Claim the fact that we have seen him. In the lake of fire now. This is good news for us all. I Love you My best friend (Jesus).

Maurice Degarennier


Beloved of the Father. He is coming!

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

All day long sing hallelujahs! All the glory to my king!

Peterson Freitas

Sumaré, São Paulo, Brazil

All day long sing hallelujahs, thank the Lord for this song.

Nicholas C. Kontos

Miami, Florida, United States

Walking in Him constantly. Living Christ our victory.


Matupi, Chin, Myanmar

Yes, Lord our victory.

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

SHOUT HOSANNA, ALL YE PEOPLE!! Walking in Him constantly, living Christ our victory!!