I’ve got a river of life flowing within me

I’ve got a river of life flowing within me;
It makes the lame to walk and the blind to see.
It opens prison doors, sets the captives free.
I’ve got a river of life flowing within me.
  Spring up, O well, within my spirit!
Rise up and tell, so all can hear it!
Spring up, O well, so I experience
That life abundantly.
I’ve got a river of life flowing within me;
It started gushing up when God set me free.
That I keep the flow is my only plea.
I’ve got a river of life springing within me.
Once I call His name there’s a flow within;
It turns me from my day, makes Him Lord again.
As my spirit burns, Satan cannot win.
Calling, “Oh Lord Jesus,” keeps the flow within.
Nikki B

Austin, Texas, United States

I love this hymn! A dear sister and I enjoyed this song very much for a week during the short-term training in Anaheim. We've got a spirit of life flowing from within! Spring uppp, so we experience!!! Lord, we love You! You are so enjoyable, and magnificent! :) Never failing, how wonderful!

Elwin Yap

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Praise the Lord! Calling on the name of the Lord, "Oh Lord Jesus," keeps the flow within.

Joanthan Lozo-lozo

Iligan, Lanao, Phil

What a wonderful hymn this, it stire up my spirit to love and porsue more of Him...May the Lord will grant us more grace and mercy to supply us more through the Hymns..

David Hwang

Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan

This is a wonderful song that I like it very much. It can stir up my body, my soul, and my spirit. I believe church life is like this, very happy, and enjoyable.

Marjoerie Y. Endrinal

Suarez, Iligan City, Philippines

I was so apprecaite concerning this song and I like to sing this because. I always love the flow of His life from Him to me as I still in the church which is His body the receiver of life. I remember that this river is so enjoyable if we are in meetings to praise Him. AMEN!



I like this song because it gives me a joyful feeling.